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Practical Information

Practical Information
Practical Information

If you bring any electrical equipment it must be dual voltage. The Balinese supply is generally 240 volts, NOT the standard US 120 volts.  Most laptops are dual voltage, but check first!   Interruptions to the supply because of storms are quite common, and it is always prudent to use a surge protector.

The monetary unit in Bali is the Rupiah. Exchange rates are volatile at present. You are advised to carry your money in traveler's checks, which are easily cashed. you can find on the main street Legian, Legian and Pettitenget. There is BMC Money changer (in front Bintang Supermarket) at 10mn from Balicosy Villas.

Foreign currency, whether in banknotes or traveler's checks, should be exchanged at major banks or authorized money changers (PT. Central Kuta or BMC in Legian are highly recommended.

The US dollar is the preferred foreign currency in Bali; bring always new, clean bank notes which are not damaged in any way. If for instance a corner is missing or someone scribbled something on an otherwise perfect bill, hardly anybody will accept it at full value. You can find easily ATM on the main street. The closest ATM from Balicosy Villas is only 5mn by walk ( ATM at Hammerhead Fitness)

Taxi meter is strongly recommanded. Minimum charge 35 000 IDR per way. You can ask a taxi at anytime from Balicosy Villas.

The best restaurant in Bali are mainly located  in the aera of Legian / Seminyak, Pettitenget. A large choice is offered to you : Italian, Japenese, Indonesian, French, Korean , Chinese. The main Streets is Jalan Oberoi.

In Bali, you can eat healthy and cheap. Try the ''Warung'' (local resurants)  that offer a large range of fresh local products and a menu of the day.

The water from tab is not drinkable in Bali.  Better use the bottled water only. Ice cube are in the restaurant are mainly drinkable.

Hospitals / Clinic
Siloam, Sos  International, Bali med , Sanglat International.

International call
To BALI :+62 -361 for fixe line / +62 81 for mobil phone

In acknowledgment of special services will always be appreciated.

Bali is 8 hours ahead of GMT. This means that during daylight savings, 10:00 a.m. in Bali is 6:00 p.m. the previous day in California.

Outgoing telephone and postal services are reliable and seldom present problems. Internet access is widely available and not expensive.  Ubud has several good Internet Cafés.

Pharmacies in Bali are generally well stocked, but it is prudent to bring what you think you might need, together with copies of any prescriptions. You might want to consider taking: Aspirin or other pain-killer; anti-fungal cream (e.g. Canestan); Hydrocortisone cream; Calamine lotion; antibiotic cream; Imodium or other anti-diarrheal; Band-Aids; Melatonin (for jet lag); sun block; vitamins; prescription medications.

You will probably leave Bali healthier than when you arrive! However, it would be prudent to ask your doctor about inoculations. There have been reports of Dengue Fever outbreaks in Bali. Use a repellant mosquito up from the morning. Take often a shower. Mosquito don’t like the light. Stay in a bright place.

The weather in Bali is pleasantly warm, averaging about 78° F. throughout the year. There are 2 seasons: Rainning season (from November –March) and Dry season (April –October)